Hi! I’m Gail Kellner, a freelance writer in Massachusetts. That’s me holding the martini. That’s probably not the most professional photo I could’ve used, but I thought I looked okay in it, and I do enjoy a good martini.
I am available for blog posts, product reviews, content writing, and whatever else you might need. Currently I write for an online start up magazine called Beau Deluge, about women in business, and a cat blog.
I have two delightful sons who happen to be on the autism spectrum.
Okay, so the above is like, a perennial introduction, and then post this, under the date or something, so I can add content more often.
April 24, 2019
A publisher called Divertir (pronounced Di-veer-teer, sort of—it’s French) is going to publish my novel “My Summer Job in Hell.” Yay! If you want to read the first chapter, it’s under my portfolio. I am so excited. I’ve been working on being a published novelist for about seven years now. I’ve had a few nibbles on my first manuscript, and I was close with another publisher with this one, and now at some point in the future, my book will be published. Publishing moves at the speed of a glacier—not the rate at which a glacier melts, because publishing is not that speedy. Nevertheless, this is big news. To me, at least.

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