Hi! I’m Gail Kellner, a freelance writer in Massachusetts. That’s me holding the martini. That’s probably not the most professional photo I could’ve used, but I thought I looked okay in it, and I do enjoy a good martini.
I have two delightful sons who happen to be on the autism spectrum.
I am an author(!!) of YA and middle-grade novels, although the middle-grade part may be getting ahead of things because none of them have been published yet. I did have an agent for the last one, Werewolf Land (the agent wanted to call it Werewolf Park, but now that we are no longer together, I can call it what I want) but that didn’t work out and it didn’t sell. Tell me, which do you think sounds better, Werewolf Land or Werewolf Park?
Here, you can get a free sample of my book:
Let me know what you think!

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