Oliver, the evil kitten

I am writing this on my brand new MacBook Air, even though the old one was only 7 months old. Oliver, an adorable but evil-laced ball of fur, deliberately–very deliberately–took his little kitty paw and knocked my iced tea over onto my previous MacBook Air. Anyone who has ever owned a computer and a cat at the same time knows that they don’t mix. At all.

The next time I tried to open my computer, it did start. It did. Then it abruptly turned itself off, like it was saying “Goodbye, cruel owner!” and I got a black screen. I brought it Best Buy and explained the situation. No less than four members of the Geek Squad looked at it, then they said, “Nope.”

“Do you have any scholarship programs for the stupid and irresponsible?” I asked. They didn’t, but since it was close to black Friday, I got a good deal on this new computer. It’s gold. It’s very pretty.

I was terrified I lost the middle-grade novel I was working on, but it was all there, except for the last two chapters. Yay!! Now, other than being about $1,000 poorer, life is back to normal.

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