I learned how to update my webpage! And my book was published!

I finally learned how to update my blog. Full disclosure: my husband set this up for me, and updated it like, twice. I always meant to get around to updating it, but that required getting the password from my husband. For a while he couldn’t find it. Then he gave it to me and I lost it. Finally, I went hunting for it and here we are!

My Summer Job in Hell was published by Divertir! Yay! I found out about it (i.e. the publisher emailed me) on Stephen King’s birthday. It must be a sign, right?


Click the above link for a free sample!

I did have an agent for my middle-grade novel, Werewolf Land. Actually, the agent changed it to Werewolf Park, but now that we have parted ways, I’m changing it back. It’s about a kid named Dart whose parents run a werewolf sanctuary. A family emergency comes up, so Dart is in charge of locking the werewolves in. Alas, his neighbor, 11-year-old Regan, hands him a snake. She thinks it’s a riot. In Dart’s panic, he neglects to secure the barn and all six werewolves go running into the night, just as the first tour bus arrives. Then the tourists think this is a new version of Pokemon Go and they all take off to catch themselves a werewolf. Dart (with Regan’s help, because she just won’t go away) has to capture all six werewolves before the tourists kill the werewolves or the werewolves eat the tourists.

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